Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Thoughts on Darren Hayes ‘Talk Talk Talk’ Teaser.

Oh my days. Incredible.

My very first thought was it’s a dancey pop ditty. I have longed for some a dancey pop ditty to get my groove on to since 2002’s so bad and 2007’s let’s go.

I always knew that one day the right song would the one you could get your groove on to. This song is it.

It sounds more advanced in its sound and more like ‘This Delicate Thing We’ve Made’ than I thought it would. But I love it.

That ‘plllllleeeeassseeee hear me ooouuuutttttt’ bit grabbed me and made me its bitch.

The pleading in Darren’s voice KILLS me. I’ve always loved how Darren can portray emotion, not only in lyrics and melody but in the inflections in his voice.

Lyrically it kills me too. I think we have all been that person wrestling with yourself and begging someone to hear you out. And we’ve all been the person who doesn’t want to listen as well.

It’s a little slice of heaven right there. 10 days and counting. I need me a new song from the Hayes in my life.

‘All I wanna do it just talk talk talk to you’.

I get this feeling that the song gets only bigger after the 30 seconds we’ve heard.

30 plays and counting.