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The Feeling - Rescue Rooms - 13 March 2014

The Feeling - Rescue Rooms - Nottingham - 13 March 2014.
I got into town, saw a bit of Sunset and then I met Nat and we headed to KFC for dinner.

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By the time we got to Rescue Rooms we had visions of it being packed and standing at the back. We got end of the second row and that was after stopping to chat to Becci and Darren at the barrier for a bit. Nice one. Good to see you again Becci and Darren :)

Support came from a band called ‘The Gentlemen’. They were great but I had to put my ear plugs in. It drives me insane how many support bands can't get someone to get the levels right. I really enjoyed their set, I wouldn't have without my ear plugs because it's just too loud to enjoy it, and it actually hurts my ears. Nice songs but I was too skint to buy the album. And I'm sorry but someone tell that lead singer his shirt needs to be at least one size bigger. And that guy on his right with the sparkly cardie that looks a bit like Siva from The Wanted? HOT.
Then it was time for the feeling. *SCREAMS*.

1. Blue Murder

Awww. I love this song. One of my absolute favourites on 'Boy Cried Wolf'. I just adore it so much.

“You didn't have to worry, baby
I wouldn't tell
I'd keep it like a gift you gave me
All to myself
'Cause we live in a world of stories

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2. Fill My Little World

Awwww. I love this song following ‘Blue Murder’. It fit so perfectly. I literally didn’t think I could ever love an album as much as ‘Twelve Stops and Home’ but ‘Boy Cried Wolf’ really is up there. I still love this song after all these years. It’s such a beautiful sing-a-long song.

“I had a dream we went away
Left this city for a day
You took me southwards on a plane
And showed me Spain or somewhere
But in reality you're not so keen to show me anything
And I thought you liked me

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3. Helicopter

Awwwww. love love love. I remember watching the boys sing this song live at KOKO for channel 4's chart show on the TV. I knew then that these boys had something and I had to see them one day. How times have changed ;)

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4. Fall like Rain

I love this song. And Dan's telephone mic. So heart-breaking. Such a great song live and one I always walk away from a gig with it stuck in my head.

“It falls like rain
'Til the grass comes through
And what was broken
Can be made like new”

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At one point Dan held up a super deluxe box set of 'boy cried wolf' and said they'd even signed a few for the merch desk. He was quite honest in saying "We make bugger all money through our records" and that they were really grateful we buy tickets to the shows as its that what keeps them going. Then he proceeded to lick the super deluxe box set. Someone shouted that one costs more now, and Dan joked 'no, now it costs less'. Love him.

 5. Rosé

This song kills me. Just Dan at the keyboard. (Tiny little venue, 450 capacity, so the sparkly piano didn't fit). He always looks so beautiful with just one spotlight on him. Gorgeous gorgeous song. I didn't cry, but this song moves me. I will forever adore how the crowd sings along.

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6. Anchor

Awwww. such fun. ballsy. gutsy. I love this one. It made me smile.

" You can go sail another shore
Now you broke lose

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7. I Thought It Was Over

So strange to see this one back in the middle of the show again. I was wondering what time it was LOL. This has been an encore song for a while now. Not one of my faves so I think it works best in the middle of the set and save the best for the encore. I actually really enjoyed this song tonight.

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8. Never Be Lonely

I still love this one. The crowd harmonies worked so well :) 

At the end of the song Dan threw his plectrum and I felt it hit my ugg boot. I looked down and to my amazement it was right beside my foot. So I grabbed it and put it in my handbag’s zip pocket. SQUEE.

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9. You'll See

I love this song SOOO MUCH. I swallowed a lump in my throat, I didn’t cry but I was actually stood shaking as Dan sang. I don't really know why. This song just moves me. It’s the saddest and yet the best F You to someone who didn’t deserve you. RELATE.

“God knows that I was kind
And so will you when
Somebody treats you like
You treated me
When someone treats you like
You treated me
That's when you'll understand
That's when you'll see
When someone treats you like
You, did me”


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10. The Gloves Are off

I love this song. Such Happy memories off it on the last tour in Birmingham.

"The gloves are Offffff,
when you're in loveeeeee
Get off the ropes
The gloves are off"


11. Sewn

Signature sing-a-long classic. So much fun.

“Give me the song and I'll sing it like I mean it
Give me the words and I'll say them like I mean it
Cos you got my heart in a headlock
You stopped the blood and made my head soft
And god knows
You got me sewn”

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12. Rescue

This song was never a fave of mine but I enjoyed it tonight.

“Will you come to my rescue once again
Will you search through the wreckage once again
Will you turn on your flashlight and scan for signs of life again”
“Will you come to my rescue once again
Maybe give me the will to sing again”


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------ Encore ------

13. Medley
Day Tripper/ You Really Got Me/ Pinball Wizard/ Under Pressure/ Another Brick In The Wall/ Parklife

Dan made a comment about how he'd have to look at one of the Queen's policies and then take back this medley he didn’t like it. I can’t remember what it was about now. Something that’s been in the news recently. (They first done this medley for her coronation show last year).
Dan joked it was all British bands from 50s to 90s but they didn't know any 50s songs so they started at the 60s.
I was never really a fan of this medley. It’s well done and great fun but I don't know half of it. Under pressure I LOVE, I wish we could have the whole song, and parklife is fun with Ciaran sharing the vocal with Dan.
And just how SEXY is Dan Gillespie Sells with a guitar whilst doing THAT medley. I know it was hot in there but Jeez, pass me a cold bucket. DAN IS AS SEXY AS HELL. 

...AND Then he's stamping all over Kevin's pedals...playing his guitar right down at the bridge...

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14. Love It When You Call

Awwwww MY SONG. Literally my favourite Feeling song ever.

It was only when the lights went up I seen how damn hot the boys were up there. Poor Richard’s face was bright red and their shirts soaked. I was roasting alive before the support even came on. Don't think that venue has heard of air con.

I literally jumped like my life depended on it. Jumping up and down with my arm in the air wasn’t such a good idea in hindsight when I was nursing a shoulder injury from the barrier of a Newton Faulkner gig the week before. I literally couldn’t move my shoulder when I woke up the next day and wanted to cry from the pain but love it when you call was definitely worth it.
“I love it when you call
I love it when you call
I love it when you call
But you never call at all
So what's the complication it's only conversation
I love it when you call
But you never call at all”

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----- Encore 2 -----

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15. I Just Do

The boys walked off the stage and I think it was Richard who called them back to do I just do. Dan sat down at the piano, and said “Ciaran’s left a puddle down here (around the keyboard). It could be one of two things”. Ewwww Dan!

Dan: "this is my favourite song off the new album, it's called you'll see” *Richard smirked*
Dan: “No it's not, it's called I just do”.
 I love this song. So beautiful.

“I wish I didn't feel the way I do
I wish I didn't feel the way I do
I wish I didn't feel the way I do
I just do”

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Dear The Feeling, I love you. My ears are RINGING. My feet are dead, but I loved tonight. I'm so in love with the new album ‘Boy Cried Wolf’. I just wish I could have done more than one show. I wish I could have done KOKO. I wish I could have said hello.
Tour again soon, yeah?