Saturday, 2 November 2013

Sharks and Bears Debut Gig

Sharks and Bears Debut gig in Stamford was kinda awesome. and I love seeing my soul sister Anna and drinking vodka with her.

Loving the new songs, same vibe, same feeling, relatable, just a different (more electro) sound.

So glad I dashed on that train and went. Anna and were getting out the taxi and we bumped into Scott on his way in. I recognised that dark red hoodie straight away. Scott's face when he saw us, and he hugged me so tightly. Best feeling ever.

To see Glock's face when he saw us and saw our support of him was worth it. I clinked plastic glasses  with him and wished him well. It was a great set. Songs of the new EP and a few other songs. Loved the guitar playing as well. Real mix of everything.

it was a great night! ... well apart from when the train driver on the way home FELL ASLEEP and missed the platform at Melton Mowbray so we had to turn around and go back a few hundred feet to let the people off! not happy, what would have happened if we'd have come across a red signal?!

anyhoo. bed time, but everyone needs to go buy "Ok, who cares, oh well, whatever". like NOW. because, you know, I care.