Saturday, 24 September 2011

My Thoughts on Bloodstained heart by Darren Hayes


I listened to this song the first time at the listening party and my first reaction was: “Heart wrenching. LOVE it”.

The lyrics killed me when I first heard the song in full. I drew many connections:

- The feeling of losing is one I have felt quite a many times in my battle with depression. I’ve spoken openly about that fight before. “There's no one left to lay you down. Or say it's okay”

- The song also brings hope. ‘We’ll go out punching”. It inspires me. The good guys can and DO win.

-The second connection was one of a recent break up with a guy I loved with everything I had, leaving nothing for myself. I related to Darren being that strength to me. ‘Even when you fall apart, I’ll pick up your bloodstained heart”

It’s a beautiful song that often reduces me to tears within 40 seconds of my hitting play. I have a very strong reaction and connection to the song.

The lyrics video floored me. I was stunned. Lost for words. In tears. It was just simple, beautiful, genius.

The music video is beautiful, elegant, and a little bit ambiguous. But it showed emotion, connection and endless love and respect for someone who was very sick. It made me very emotional watching it.

It’s been a while since I’ve had such a strong reaction to a song the way I have with bloodstained Heart. Both the song and Darren Hayes are very special to me.

This song is an example of my connection to Darren and why I hold that so close my heart.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

15 lyrics for 15 days: Day 3: The saddest lyrics you know

It has to be a Darren Hayes lyric, but which lyric?

For the fact that I'm actually obsessed with Darren's work with Rick Nowels, it has to be a B-side from 'On The Verge Of Something Wonderful' called 'Ocean'.

It makes me cry practically every time.

"Only an ocean could know
The weight of the world on my shoulders
Thinking of you, my love
I wish I could drown out emotion
Until only the ocean knows
Wash me away
Carry my heart on an ocean
Love has forsaken
Been taken to somebody else
I wish I could drown my emotions
Until only the ocean knows"

all I'm saying is RELATE.

It's a very dark place to go. and it's a place you seem to often end up from wearing you heart on your sleeve. For giving everything you've got to someone, whom it turns out, didn't deserve it.

Rick and Darren always seem to write THE most emotional songs. it's a beautiful song-writing partnership.

30 songs for 30 Days: Day 12 - A Song From an artist you connect to.

Day 12 was meant to be a song from a band you hate. There is no need for such a waste of words and negativity. so I chose to make it a song from an artist you connect to.

Coldplay - Fix You.

I'd liked coldplay for a while, my dad had their albums. I was obsessed with the scientist and it's GENIUS video. it wasn't until Darren Hayes posted the chorus from 'Fix You' in a blog post I KNEW I had to get this album, 'X & Y'. I wasn't disappointed. it's still my favourite album of theirs.

The album was released at a difficult time for me. I remember one night packing for another stretch at uni, before I got on the plane and left my family behind for months again, and just crying:

"Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you
Tears stream down on your face
When you lose something you cannot replace"

that was a real RELATE moment.

The video for Fix You is genius, I wanted to be in that crowd. I always knew this song would be AMAZING live. I still have a dream to witness it one day.

In 2009 after a tour I sadly couldn't get to, they released a free live EP 'Left Right Left Right Left'. On it was a live version of 'fix you'. It sounded just how I imagined. thousands of people singing it back to them.


30 photos for 30 days: Day 13: A pic of your fave artist

Newton Faulkner.


Not my ultimate favourite artist, but an artist I LOVE and have travelled over 120 miles to go see. He is absolutely incredible. I've just got this amazing connection to him. I chose him because I wanted to talk about somebody different. and Newton certainly is different, but a genius. He's actually really sweet and funny. I met him once. (He was impressed I'd stolen a poster off the door at a venue LOL).