Wednesday, 6 February 2019

The Candle Thieves - The Sunflower Lounge - 6/2/2019

The Candle Thieves - The Sunflower Lounge - 6/2/2019.

The candle thieves tonight. Wow. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror of the toilets and my face was a picture. I can’t begin to tell you the sheer joy that this band gives me, but it was written all over my face. 

Seeing them setting up, and Scott setting up all their fiddly bits like glow sticks and a confetti cannon and stuff. I was transported back to that Darren Hayes tour when that cannon just would not pop. Was it Glasgow? Hilarious. Anyhoo...

Tonight was a celebration of 10 years of the candle thieves. I was a little late to the party. It was July 2010 when I ordered sunshine and other misfortunes from The rest is history. 

(1.) Before the war
The first thing I noticed was Scott’s confidence. It was wonderful to see. I’ve really missed this band. They are looking great and sounding great. 

(2.) Moths
OMG! This was one of the best moments. Balloons was an album that was a game changer for me, and this song I’ve never heard live before (because they’ve never played it live until last night). Scott quipped he co-wrote it with Kate moth. LOL.

(3.) Sunshine song
This song. Has it really been almost 9 years I’ve been listening to it? I still love it. I can’t wipe that smile off my face. 
“Y’know we can't stay young forever but we can stay young for the rest of our days” and that lyric always stuck with me and it’s so much fun live. And words to live by. 

(4.) Sugarcandy mountain 
This was a welcome curveball tonight. I was not expecting that. Not sure I’ve ever heard this one live? Maybe. Maybe at the All’s Well That End’s Well farewell show? (Chorlton Arts festival at Wilbraham St Ninian’s Church, 2013). It sounded so good. I’ve loved this song since the Weatherman EP. 

(5.) We’re All Gonna die (Have Fun). 
Scott:” This song is for anyone struggling”. And then BAM! OMG! The most amazing stripped back version of this song I’ve ever heard. This song will always be special to me. It came into my life at a time I really needed it. And that tiny of bit of Try again mixed in (one of my ultimate faves). Wow. Scott’s voice. Damn. 

(6.) The Little Engine That Could. 
This is one of my ultimate favourites. My fifth most played candle thieves song (the others are: Not The Only One, Try Again, I’m Gone, This House is For Sale, in that order, most played first). This was completely acoustic, unplugged. The band in the middle of the room, you could have heard a pin dropped as Scott sang us a velvet lullaby backed by his playing of the ukulele, and Glock’s glockenspiel. It was special. 

(7.) Into forever
I’ve got a new love for this song tonight. 
The details EP is something I play quite a lot. I loved this live version tonight. Sang my little heart out (well I did for the entire gig but y’know). “You can’t buy a heart of gold”. 

(8.) We won’t ever be rich
Man this song. I still love it. It’s still fun. It still reminds me of good times with my friends on Darren Hayes Tour. And it still reminds me of that pledge music Album launch gig for balloons. I was broke and was staying a Travelodge down the road from the venue, The Betsey Trotwood, a Victorian pub in London with a cellar room for gigs, but I was so so happy that night. 

Tonight was so good. I’ve missed this band. It’s been 431 days since I last seen them to be precise. 

I can’t wait for tomorrow. London Town. Old St Pancras church. I venue I’ve never been too and missed many of my favourites play. I. Can. Not. Wait.