Monday, 31 January 2011

DAY 16: A picture of something that you want.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Darren Hayes new album. Seeing as we don't have artwork yet, this pic from the listening party news will have to do ;)

seriously CAN NOT wait.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

DAY 15: A picture of your favorite thing you own.


It has got to be Lenny. He’s a soft toy lion but a puppet, about an average sized teddy bear and I’ve had him since Christmas 1994. Needless to say his mane is matted to his head, his stuffing is all over the place and he isn’t such a great puppet anyone, his nose is bald and his whiskers missing but he means so much to me.

Kids you know what they are like, you buy them an expensive present and they only play with the cheap one.

It was Christmas 1994. I was 8. Santa had bought me a pink Barbie camper van. Mum and dad bought me this soft toy lion puppet that was on offer with supermarket tokens and then you paid a few pounds towards it.

I remember laying in bed that night asking dad what to call him after he'd finished reading me postman pat. Dad decided he should be called Lenny and I agreed. I still have Lenny today. I still find it hard to sleep without him, I couldn’t live without him. He’s my most treasures possession.

I did play loads with the camper van too, but it never meant as much as Lenny. I don’t know why that xmas is so vivid, I remember my cousins buying me a lion king pjammas case too. Mine was simba but I swapped it with my sis for pumbaa as she didn’t like him.

That year Santa sparked my obsession with collecting old style teddy bears. Santa brought me a gorgeous one and a 1995 teddy bear collection diary. I’ve still got all those presents from that year.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

DAY 14: A picture of something you collect.

I collect Darren Hayes and Savage Garden memorabilia.

This is a photo of something I bought recently that I just ADORE:


I was looking for a photo I had of all my CDs in the racks but I can’t find it.

I have so much stuff because I’ve been buying stuff since 2002, although I only really started collecting in November 2003.

I mainly collect savage garden and Darren Hayes singles, albums and promos from around the world. I've got a ton of CDs. I love getting that envelope with all the weird and wonderful stamps on. I have whole racks full of singles at home including a signed affirmation (aussie one that had the red cover) signed by both Darren and Daniel at woodys in Aus (where Darren used to work), signed savage garden album, signed spin and signed delicate. (That’s just made me realise the only one I don’t have signed is tension).

because my stuff is at home in Ireland and I live in Nottingham it's hard to keep track of what I’ve got. For my CDs I try and keep a catalogue. All the magazines are in boxes and drawers of my desk.

* All the tour books (dark light signed and BNI signed to me as part of the VIP)

* the BNI VIP sets from both the UK and AUS. (I bought the aus one, didn’t actually go to aus)

* I’ve got a MILLION official t-shirts or there abouts
I cant remember all of them but I have most of them from bni and ttmt. I think I’ve got about 3 from dark light. Got both from side 2. I would LOVE the own the red too close one. I own one white SG from a USA tour in 2000.

* I think I’ve got all the canvas bags there were. One from side 2 and both from NYE.

* I’ve got a few mugs as well. bni, side two and the cartoon one that was on sale on the fc a while ago, along with the keyring and tshirt of the same pattern.

* I’ve got a few calendars, I think I have them all since 2002, not sure.

* I’ve got a ton of magazines that have had features or interviews with Darren in. my favourites being both copies of cream and minx:
"I got thrown out of a karaoke bar once. I was singing Whitney Houston’s I will always love you. I was hitting the high notes but I was taking the piss so they threw me out" - probably the best quote from Darren ever. I still laugh every time that song comes on.

*I’ve got the membership card, pen, keyring and print from when i joined the FC.

* All the savage garden fanzines (cost me a small fortune!)

* All the d-zines

* savage garden stamp thingy

* savage garden fanclub set of postcards and set of magnets.

* VHS video of superstars and cannonballs, the video collection and the story so far.

* backstage access passes for a Savage Garden tour.

* too close for comfort keyring

* badge sets (I think I have a few - bni, ttmt?)

* The water bottle Darren gave us all at the TTMT DVD screening.

* promo DVD for Me, Myself and i

*scrapbooks with all my gig tickets and train tickets and maps and stuff in.

* A a signed print for charity that Darren had very kindly donated.

I’ve got a few bits of unofficial merchandise. I bought a print from the time machine tour of ebay that I’m in love with.

my favourite thing of all is a photo I took at Leeds the day I met Darren in 2007 and on the time machine tour at Manchester that year, he wrote 'to babyhails, love D' on it.

Another thing I treasure is a print of the cover of the time machine tour DVD that Darren signed 'to hails, love D' with a little cartoon on it.

I’ve probably forgot about some of the treasure I have in Ireland. Awww I’ve loved this blog. It’s really made me appreciate all I’m lucky to have.


Friday, 28 January 2011

DAY 13: The cover of your favorite book.

Amaizng book full of love, tears and wisdom by my Favourite ever Author, Tony Parsons.


Thursday, 27 January 2011

DAY 12: A picture of the person you have been through the most with.

These two men have been there for me when my life was falling apart. I couldn't chose between you.


Rich you gave me all the advice you know, endless support and wise words. I love how to didn't just pat me on the back and tell me it would be OK. You forced me to see that it wouldnt unless I dont something about it. Sometimes you told me what I needed to hear and didn't want to. THANK YOU.


Ade. You understand me like no one else. We are so alike sometimes. You've been there for me. Connect with me. Thanks for just KNOWING how I feel. I miss you.


DAY 11: A picture from your favorite movie.


If we are not talking Kiddies films, it would have to be 'A lot Like Love'.

I want a love like that. All fucked up but perfect. and Ashton Kutcher is just SEX personified.

This picture is from one of my favourite scenes. They are laying on the bonnet of the car, watching the stars, drinking wine and eating cheetos and just CONNECTING.


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

My The Feeling Story.

This is my story of my time as a fan of the band 'The Feeling'.

On the 19 June 2006 my life changed. I downloaded sewn by The Feeling from iTunes. Well it wasn’t until just before xmas of 2006 that my passion really took off. I was in the student union for the xmas leaving do and this song called love it when you call came on. I didn’t know much about the song or the band, but I knew right then that this song has something. In all my drunken, jumping up and down, glory. It grabbed me. It made me FEEL.

I managed to get hold of a cheeky free copy of twelve stops and home before I flew back to Ireland for xmas. I got stuck at the bus station for 3 hrs on a Sunday with nothing to do. So I hit play. When it ended I hit play again. And a third time. I immediately asked for the album as a last minute xmas present.

Come xmas, I remember playing my ps2, and listening to twelve stops and home non stop on the CD player. Few albums can I stay I don’t hate a single song on. There isn’t one ‘skip’ track. I became obsessed with ‘strange’ and ‘rose’. The minute I got back to Nottingham from Ireland I downloaded every single b-side and live version from iTunes. I was SOLD.

Months passed and I kept up with the band via their website and discovered soon there was to be a second album. A small tour would kick the ball rolling. I knew I HAD to be there.

I was incredibly sick at that first show I seen in March 2008. I had a cough from hell, I felt like death warmed up, but I was front row. And the band mesmerised me that night. I fell in love with ‘we can dance’. Its SOO me.


God knows how I won tickets to the iTunes festival and off I went to KOKO. It was a dream of mine since I watched them sing helicopter on the album chart show at koko. Stood on the balcony, I partied. After the show I waited and waited until I almost wouldn’t make my train, managed to say a quick hello to Dan and legged it down the street to the tube. He must have thought I was mental.


Soon I was plotting how I could get to clumber park to see them play. I knew I had to work the next morning but had it all worked out with a STUPID early train. Little did I know it was the middle of nowhere. I was blessed to make some amazing friends that night. I was very lucky to meet Dan too. A random conversation followed. It seemed to make it all worth it.

Then it was time for the TOUR. Yes I said TOUR.


I done three nights, London, Manchester and derby. My favourite had to be second row at Manchester. It was just an amazing crowd, the atmosphere was ELECTRIC. Amazing memories. Especially meeting Dan outside Manchester in the pouring rain, taking a pic with me and then saying ‘look I was smiling and everything’. <3.





It was a long time from the end of that tour in 2008, until I would see the boys again. May 2010 to be precise. It had been too long. I felt honoured that the friends I made 18 months before that still cared. The feeling’s fan base is brilliant.

That night in May 2010, it was a showcase at a bar where they started out, water rats. The new songs just stole my heart. It seemed to be strange to be so close in such a small venue. ‘Say no’ is possibly one of the best songs they’ve ever written.


After the show I managed to get a quick hello with everyone but Ciaran. It was a wow moment because before that, the only one I had ever met was Dan. It was a wow moment to get four signatures on my twelve stops and home CD. I just couldn’t believe it.




Here I am. Thank you friends. I’m excited for the new album. BRING. IT. ON.

DAY 10: A picture of someone you really miss.


My best mate lou. She still lives in Ireland and I only ever get to see her when I go home. She doesn't have internet which makes me miss that I can't share my life with her, unless in spoken word over the phone. She makes me feel like I'm forever 16 when I'm with her. She's my source of entertainment, fun, joy and laughter. She's my rock.

Monday, 24 January 2011

DAY 10: Final 10 words.

I decided to make my Final words phrases I use ALL the time.

1. OMG it was Sooooooo Funny
I say this all the time when telling a funny story. I normally get excitable, talk too fast and get animated.

2. Can’t Remember.
I’ve always got so much to say and thinking of more than one story at once and forget my train of thought.

3. I don’t believe it...
*get reminded I sound like victor Meldrew*
*then I say*
..yeah well I don’t believe it.

4. For Fuck Sake.
For when things are going wrong.

5. Don’t even joke.
Also for when things are going wrong that is funny but shouldn’t be.

6. Kill me now. Kill me now. Kill me NOOOOOW.
*it’s a line of a song by The Killers. Must be sung to the tune*

7. awwwww hugs.
I’m always sending out virtual hugs.

8. bollocks…. Or… shiiiiiiiiit.
For when things are going wrong. Bollocks is for when there is still time and shiiiiiiiit is for when I am SUPER late for something.

9. Laters.
I say it whenever I hang up the phone on someone I love, or when I say bye to my sis as I run out the door.

10. I haven’t got time for this.
(Normally follows number 4).
I say it sooo much. I’m so bad at planning my time I never have time to do anything. Well I probably do and just get so stressed.

DAY 9: A picture that makes you laugh.


March 7 2009.
The Killers - Day & Age Tour - Newcastle.
After the show.
pouring with Rain.
soggy burger, coke can and inside out brolly.
Kelly help!
*kelly just gets out camera*
*coke spilt all over my fleece*
*hair soaked*
*soggy burger in bin*
*brolly in bin*

I love our laughs.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

DAY 9: 10 ways to win your heart

1. Let me be me.
Don’t try to smother me. Or change me. Give me freedom to do my thing. As I will you.

2. Give me hugs

Totally the way to win my heart.

3. Give me kisses
I LOVE kisses.

4. Want the same things I want.
Want to lie on the hill watching the stars. Want to take a walk and just marvel at the beauty of the world. Want to see the world.

5. Love music and lyrics as much as me.
Doesn’t have to be my music but it would be nice ;) Want to go to gigs.

6. Be my equal.
Be sweet and kind and care. Be romantic like I am.

7. Be a big kid just like me.
Laugh at kiddies films, refuse to grow up. But know when sensible is needed.

8. Make me laugh.

You have to make me laugh. Without Trying.

9. Chocolate.
It’s my favourite bribe ;)

10. Failing all the above…

Look like Ashton kutcher, Enrique Iglesias, Paul Rudd, Darren Hayes or similar.

DAY 8: A picture of your favorite food.



I pretty much love everything chocolate. milk, white and dark. chocolate cake, chocolate cookies, chocolate custard......

Saturday, 22 January 2011

DAY 8: 10 of your favourite songs

Jeez Christ how do you expect me to make this only ten songs? I could give you 10 fave songs from the last month never mind a lifetime.

1. U2- With or Without You

Without doubt my favourite song EVER. (sorry Darren). I’ve been listening to U2 since before I was born and this song just speaks directly to me. I cant describe it. The baseline just grabs me and takes me some place else.

2. Savage Garden – Crash and Burn
This song is just GENIUS. The lyrics, the baseline, the way it just grabs my heart and speaks to my soul. Few songs can do that. This song saved me.

3. Darren Hayes – Like it or Not

My passion. My love. Darren Hayes. An INCREDIBLE song Co-written with one of my favourite ever song writers – Rick Nowels. Taken from a brilliant classic pop album. Its an amazing song. Honourable mention to ‘How to build a time machine’ that song connects to me in a way I cant explain.

4. The Killers – Smile Like You Mean It

If it wasn’t for this song I probably wouldn’t be a killers fan today. I loved it enough to find out who they were and get the album and it turns out I had been loving them in clubs and pubs for months and just not known it was them playing on the CD player.

5. Enrique Iglesias – If The World Crashes Down

This song makes me so happy. I’ve adored Enrique since 2002 and it was really hard to pick a favourite because I do think that most of Quizas and most of insomniac deserve to be my favourite Enrique song too. Especially Somebody’s me. But anyhoo… I picked this song because it was my favourite from the album where it all began. Nope I didn’t pick Hero. Shocker. LOL.

6. Snow Patrol – Chocolate
It’s probably their best song. I actually think it’s a little teeny bit better than run. And I don’t just love it because of it’s name ;).It's the spirit the song has. It's the guitars. Its from an incredible album which I cant really pick a fave off because I just love it all.

7. The Feeling – Love It When You Call
Every single time I hear this song I just makes me feel ALIVE. Its an incredible song.

8. Newton Faulkner – Ageing Superhero.
This was INCREDIBLY hard to pick a song because I LOVE everything Newton’s done. He’s an amazing and underrated talent. Honourable mentions to ‘I need something’, ‘dream catch me’ and ‘if this is it’.

9. Scouting For Girls – On The Radio

I couldn’t pick a song I loved most of the album so I chose the one that had the most plays. I figured it meant something. Seriously one of the best albums of 2010.

10. Lighthouse Family – High.

The first time I loved someone I was obsessed with the album ‘whatever gets you through the day’. I still find it INCREDIBLY hard to hear that album, or even his voice. This song goes past that, it inspires me. And his voice, it’s just incredible.

DAY 7: A picture of the one place you want to visit the most.

San Francisco.



Where people are free to love who they love (but not get married grrrr to US law) and the view is stunning. I wanna see Alcatraz. The golden gate bridge by day and night. I wanna ride the cable cars. I wanna see where it all started with Harvey milk. I wanna see Sausalito. San Fran has long symbolised the promised land to me.

Friday, 21 January 2011

DAY 6: A picture of you on your favorite vacation


Bristol. 11/12 Feb 2008.

My favourite holidays were when I went to the south of france when i was 12 and paris when I was 14. Although seeing as I don't have any pictures of them my computer, this one from Bristol will do. It was just for 2 days to see Darren Hayes but I met some amazing people and I remember being truly happy in the sunshine that day.

Day 7: 10 Important People

10 Day Meme
DAY 1: 10 things about you
DAY 2: 10 things you love
DAY 3: 10 things you hate
DAY 4: 10 things you want to say to one person
DAY 5: 10 wishes
DAY 6: 10 items you can’t live without
DAY 7: 10 important people
DAY 8: 10 of your favorite songs
DAY 9: 10 ways to win your heart
DAY 10: Final 10 words.

Day 7: 10 Important People (In no particular order)

1. My Sister
Pain in the fucking arse but I love her…. And she cooks for me.

2. My Mum

always listens to me waffling on.

3. My Dad
for when you need seriously good advice.

4. My best Mate from Ireland: Lou.
My rock.

5. Kelly and Nat
My partners in crime on Darren Hayes Tours. Love you girlies.

6. The DH Monthly meet-ups ladies

olly, Maria, gilly, Linda, Jan, suzz, Joyce, sue, Val :)

8. My DH girlies.

Loulou, Hils, clare, anna, lisey. :)

9. My DH men.
Ade. Ashwin. Richard. You’ve been there for me. Laughed with me, laughed at me. Inspired me.

10. Thomas.

Partner in crime with the killers. An amazing bloke. Makes me believe in me. Makes me laugh. Makes me smile.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

DAY 5: A picture of you and your sibling

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

30 May 2008. My 22nd birthday. Me and my little sis. Love her LOTS.

DAY 6: 10 items you can’t live without

1. Family + Friends
my rock. my sunshine. my hope. I love you.

2. my iPod
it's a bad day if I forget my iPod. actually can't live without music. it's the oxygen to my carbon dioxide.

3. My iPhone.
it's my camera, my social life, my family, my blog, all in one place.

4. My camera.
my best friend once called it "my vision maker". it's a necessary part of my life because photography is a big part of my life.

5. my bed
it's love. the end.

6. Hair Straightners.
you seriously haven't seen my hair without them. and you never will. my sister calls me fuzz ball Joe. don't ask.

7. gigs
there is nothing more amazing than standing amongst thousands of people and just FEELING it. that CONNECTION to thousands of other people and the artist is amazing. I can't describe it.

8. Internet
especially google. google is my friend. I ask it anything and it knows the answer. the net is where I do my connecting, do some of my shopping and keep up with artists. especially Darren Hayes.

9. Fiorelli handbags
seriously love them. dunno how many I have, dread to think. i've always got a fiorelli handbag with me, unless I'm at work. my keyrings, passport cover and my little purses are also fiorelli.

10. Clothes by designers for the high street.
I especially love pussycat, apricot and purple. I also adore the high street that stocks them: new look and dorothy Perkins. gorgeous clothes which make me feel Gooooood.

DAY 4: A picture of someone you love a lot.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

I couldn't possibly choose between my family and friends so instead I chose someone else I love a lot. This is my favourite picture of Darren Hayes (ex savage garden, now solo star) I took the very first night I seen him live. Dark/Light Nottingham fri 19th nov 2004. he's an incredible talent, genuine and honestly very funny. he's an amazing singer and amazing person and he changed my life. so there you have it, Day 4, Darren Hayes.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Day 5: 10 Wishes

10 Day Meme

DAY 1: 10 things about you
DAY 2: 10 things you love
DAY 3: 10 things you hate
DAY 4: 10 things you want to say to one person
DAY 5: 10 wishes
DAY 6: 10 items you can’t live without
DAY 7: 10 important people
DAY 8: 10 of your favorite songs
DAY 9: 10 ways to win your heart
DAY 10: Final 10 words.

1. I wish I still lived in Ireland.
Or got to visit more. Failing that, I wish to live in London.

2. I wish missing people didn’t hurt so much

3. I wish my life had more fun times with fun people in it.
Darren Hayes I want your album NOW please.

4. I wish the world was kinder.
Imagine how beautiful it would be.

5. I wish the sun always shines.
Just not too warm.

6. I wish chocolate was calorie free.

7. I wish everyone was night owls and the day begins at 12pm not 9am.

8. I wish there was a hummingbird bakery in my town.

9. I wish to meet matt cardle.
Universe please make it happen.

10. I wish I got more hugs.
They make everything better.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

DAY 3: A picture of you and your bestest friend.


This picture was taken by myself on 8th Jan 2011 on a bus to belfast to go shopping my my best mate Lou. I've known her since I was 14. She's my rock. And she makes me feel 16 again. NO IDEA what was so funny though.

DAY 4: 10 things you want to say to one person

10 Day Meme
DAY 1: 10 things about you
DAY 2: 10 things you love
DAY 3: 10 things you hate
DAY 4: 10 things you want to say to one person
DAY 5: 10 wishes
DAY 6: 10 items you can’t live without
DAY 7: 10 important people
DAY 8: 10 of your favourite songs
DAY 9: 10 ways to win your heart
DAY 10: Final 10 words.

OK so this person probably will know it’s about them if they read this. I don’t know if they will read it. I hope they will.


1.Thank You.
You calm me down, chill me out, without even realising it, you’ve changed me. Forever.

2. I love you more than chocolate.
I don’t need to say anymore. I don’t think I’ve ever cared about anyone as much as you. (Except family and my best friend).

3. You deserve the very best.
Please don’t settle for anything less than you deserve because you are AWESOME and deserve awesome in return.

4. Just say yes.
Why would we work? :( why don’t you see the beauty in the world the way I do? That frustrates me.

6. I wish I hadn’t left it a whole year to let you into my life properly.
I was running scared. But you opened my eyes to love. And to accept love. But you always made my heart do cartwheels.

7. You make me feel like I’m the nicest person alive.
All I do is be there. It's all I can do.

8. You are SOOOO like me.
All about the lyrics. All about the simple things in life. All about being a big kid.

9. I want a kiss ;)

5. I miss you.
Like insane amounts. I think of you every single day. I miss you where you’re gone. You are so much fun. I wish we lived closer. Like across the street.

10. You mess my head up.
I need to get over you. I wish I could forget you. It hurts to much to keep holding on. But I can’t let go.


Monday, 17 January 2011

DAY 2: A family picture.


me aged 6 at Belfast zoo with my sister and dad. i'm on the right. my mum took the pic :)


DAY 3: 10 things you hate

10 Day Meme
DAY 1: 10 things about you
DAY 2: 10 things you love
DAY 3: 10 things you hate
DAY 4: 10 things you want to say to one person
DAY 5: 10 wishes
DAY 6: 10 items you can’t live without
DAY 7: 10 important people
DAY 8: 10 of your favourite songs
DAY 9: 10 ways to win your heart
DAY 10: Final 10 words.

I really struggled making this list because I really don’t focus on all the things I hate. I focus on the things I love (can’t believe I forgot to add handbags to my list yesterday!)

1. bullshit
It rules this world from top to bottom but the only use it has is in exam papers as the answers. I can’t stand bullshitters and I won’t be taken as fool and expected to believe its truth.

2. rudeness
Does it really hurt to say please and thank you? For some people it seems like it would kill them you use those two little words. I don’t know how anyone can be brought up like that.

3. inequality
Be it race/sexuality/gender/wealth. The hand of friendship has no colour. You love who you love. You’re born who you are. Your wealth has got nothing to do with the friends you keep. Or at least it shouldn’t.

4. bullying
I’ve experienced first hand what it can do to you. And it’s a vicious circle because teachers don’t want to do anything about it. Often telling them only makes it worse. The bully gets a slapped wrist and you get it even worse of them for telling. It’s a horrible thing and it blights a person’s life long after they’ve left school. But I’m not a victim, I’m the person who got a degree and they are the ones at a dead end, in jail, or pregnant at 16.

5. not seeing my friends

All my friends live in different corners of the UK and I don’t get to see them and have good times as much as I would like. It sucks having to live in the real world. Miss you People!

6. washing dishes
Can’t stand it. Want a dishwasher more than anything. REALLY REALLY hate it. Especially the forks and pots.

7. rain
You would think living in Ireland for 14yrs I would be used to it but I still hate it as much as the first day it first rained on me. Yuk. I do however quite like watching the rain if I’m not out in it.

8. parsnip

ewwwwww. Yuk. Ick. Seriously can’t stand the stuff. HORRID.

9. getting out of bed

Always next to impossible and I bloody hate it with a passion. I’m a night owl. Not one of these mysterious ‘morning people’.

10. high heels
I wish heels were my friend as I’m only 5ft1 but we just don’t agree. They make my legs kill, my feet kill and make it near impossible to walk without breaking my neck. Seriously don’t know how people do it. The last time I wore heels I fell over a bottle bin and bust my ankle. Safe to say we don’t get on LOL. I’m a bit of a tomboy ;)

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Time on the Emerald Isle.

So I went home to Ireland for 9 days. SOO much fun. This time I was in a really great place. Ready for a new year, new life and fun times. Depression blights my life so much and I won’t let it anymore. I refuse.

I spent my time doing ‘normal’ things. I've discovered that I find it incredibly difficult to be alone. even the things I do to amuse / distract me, read, play a game, watch tv, take pics, is more fun with someone beside you. Even if they aren't a part of it but are just 'there'. In Ireland I have people beside me. In Nottingham it mostly just have me, myself and I for company.

Thursday 6th Jan


shiiiiiiiit! Totally messed up flight time. Meant to be at the airport by now. Thankfully the airport wasn’t busy and I got air-side in time for my flight. Fly home. On a plane that allows airplane mode of on iphone. Take pics of flying over. Adored it.







some people visit places. Others experience them. On the bus home the driver almost gave me a heart attack slamming on the breaks at the red lights but then I seen the tayto lorry and new I was home. For those of you who don’t know what tayto are, they are a brand of crisps made in N. Ireland which I ADORE.



On the bus home the sun was shining. That means Darren Hayes album ‘Spin’ was playing. Sunshine & that album go hand in hand to me. I was so happy right then =). The sun was pouring in through the bus windows, it was gorgeous. I often travel in darkness so it was lovely to see Ireland and sunset on the way home. I felt very blessed.



After dinner it was time to sit down and listen to Darren Hayes Delicate Vol2. I just love coming home to stuff and just.... lovefest. I was just stunned:


track1: beautiful. <3 guitar =" <3.">

track5: a real fave of mine on its album. Just beautiful. That soaring voice. Just stunning. I have no words.

Afterwards I went outside and watched the stars with mum. It’s the one thing I love about Ireland. You can see the stars when you go outside. You can’t see them in Nottingham. Too much smoke and crap from everyone’s city living. The country has all the stars in the night sky. <3.

Friday 7th Jan


Chill out day. Play super New Mario bros on DS. Get angry, and then win.

Still OB.SESSED with Delicate Vol2 and track number 1. It is the best song Darren Hayes has ever written. Fact.

Risk of diva strop. Hairdryer = static hair. straightners useless. Mascara dried up. No time to paint nails. No necklace it's knotted. No bracelet couldn’t get it to fasten and had to dash to get my bus. Hate trying to get ready to go out in Ireland. And o2's 3G in northern Ireland takes the piss. doesn't work. Grrrrrrrrr.




Went to the cinema with the bestie see LOVE and other drugs.


LOVED having a giggle at the trailers. Ashton Kutcher's trailer for his new film ‘No Strings’ came on. I gasped. Totally involuntary reaction and my bestie could have killed me. You could have heard pin drop. He does something to me. Paul Rudd. *swoon* *dies* wants to see 'how do you know'. And in other news Winona ryder has a new film out. they let her out of jail then? LOL.

‘Love and other drugs’. emotional. honest. inspiring.

LOVED it. Amazing film that has a message and an importance. It’s a film about Parkinson’s but it’s also a film about love. And connections. And relationships. It’s the best film I’ve seen in a long time and I so wanna see it again. "you meet 1000s of people who never touch you and then one comes along and changes your life forever". I want someone like that.

After I got home I was still thinking about the film. Thinking about how love can conquer all if you love each other enough. That even if you part you can still make it together in the end. I love someone so much it hurts. Just not meant to be.

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Sat 8th Jan.

SHOPPING! Get up at 6am after 3 hours sleep :O.

Get on the bus with the bestie and my mum to Belfast.

Dawn looking over the graveyard. amazing view. Shame couldn't capture it.

We take silly pics of us.




We take pics of sunrise coming into Dungannon. BEAUTIFUL. Sunrise in Ireland with the bestie is a moment so rare and I really appreciated it.




I saw a sign in Belfast. “party. dream. wish. Enjoy” love it. Belfast I heart you. We even saw a paddywagon LOL



Times are a changing in N. Ireland. Times are a changing. I saw a card that was congrats on a civil partnership. It made my heart melt. Because not only was it a beautiful card, it was a sign of change.


flamingo anyone? brandon flowers fans? I almost bought it but didn't:


Shopping was a great success. I’m sure the bank manager would say too much of a success. We even managed to make it past the chants of JLS! JLS! JLS! They were in waterstones doing a signing. Missed them. Gutted. NOT. Then it was time after all the shopping to sit down and eat what has become a customary dinner on a shopping trip to Belfast. Cinnamon pretzel sticks. YUMMY.




Had an AMAZING time on the bus home. TOTAL randomness with the bestie. Had to put our seatbelts on, the driver was a maniac and weather was BAD. We played Ispy. I had to shut the bestie up from singing ‘She’ll be coming round the mountain’ with lots of ‘shut up there are people on this bus’ LOL. I think mum wanted to disown us both.


When I got home Darren Hayes was in his chat room and it was soooo much fun. I got a new top that just made me go AWWW that we were talking about. Frilly undies anyone? OK so you had to be there. <3>


I also bought this: I couldn't resist him:


Sun 9th Jan.

Lazy Sunday in Ireland. <3>

Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice. <3>


I bought pokemon for Nintendo DS yesterday. Brings back so many memories of a decade ago when I spent 146hrs completing it on the gameboy. The new one totally isn’t as good.

I even had time to reveal the new Darren hayes album cover….


Mon 10th Jan.

Spent most of the day chilling with dad and playing New Super Mario bros on my DS whilst he did his crossword and listened to Alex Harvey band. There is one song I love. Can’t place it. I miss my dad’s humour, I never laugh so much as I do with dad. And I miss his cooking.

I’ve stayed up late every night reading graham Norton’s ‘Ask Graham’ book. It’s his agony aunt column with as much bitchiness and wit as help. It’s funny and inspiring.

“Without a little vino in the garden of Eden, the bible would have been a very short book indeed”

“Never lose yourself in someone else because ultimately we are all alone”

Tues 11th Jan.



Time to get to the old VHS videos out and start converting to DVD. I found an old video of The Box music channel's 10 biggest new vidz. Darren Hayes ‘on the verge of something wonderful’ was it was number 3. Silly grin. :D



I also found some wise words from Britney Spears reality TV show with K Fed before she got sick.


Then I had a total iTunes sesh with my fave purchased songs with mum. Loved it.

Wed 12th Jan.

So Enrique’s new video for tonight I’m loving you is number 1 on the box music channel. I guess controversy and sex sell. Especially when mixed together.

I got ready, wearing said new top I bought in Belfast and was in such a really great headspace. I was tired but I felt a million dollars.

I posted two photos on twitter:
One was called “I'm sending out my love. I'm calling on the universe. I radiate the vibe.”

And the other one “kiss?”




It started to rain. I was soaked. I didn’t care. I was so content. so happy. It was just the realisation that I’m 25 this year and this is the one chance I get and if I'm not happy then love won't happen. And you know, I'm ready to let love in. can't hide in my shell forever. Now where is he LOL.


Time to head off to the cinema. This time it’s ‘Burlesque’. Amazing film. TOTALLY predictable but Christina Aguilera is HOT. I’ve always had a soft spot for her, for her talent she deserves so much more success. ‘Show me how you burlesque’. Cher sung a song called ‘last of me’ which lyrically just tugged at my heart strings. It was so ME.

And in other news today, The Killers are back. Playing on top of a mountain Austria in April! :/ They're back. That’s enough for me until they come back for good :)

Thurs 13th Jan.

Digging out more old VHS video to convert to DVD. The video for Darren Hayes song pop!ular still makes me giggle like I've never seen it before.

Then it was off shopping to town (Enniskillen) with mum.



Spending way too much money on 'things to bring on the Darren Hayes tour' I’ve got a new rucksack, travel diary, pen and wash bag. That’s me sorted. When’s the tour again? ;) is it wrong that every time I see a top and wanna buy it I think ‘ooooh I could wear it to the Darren Hayes tour’ LOL

Leslie’s bakery. Sausage roll. Gingerbread man. They don’t make them anywhere else in the world like they do in Ireland. HEAVEN.

I Bought a few films with totty in. Paul Rudd. Where do I get me one of those? and Ashton kutcher i.e. sex on legs.

Fri 14th Jan.

Sometimes it's hard to leave Ireland and sometimes it's easier. Today was one of those hard days. :'(. On the bus up to the airport I was bored so I decided to check out twitter. I discover that apparently the star signs have changed and I'm now Taurus & Darren Hayes is now Aries. I will always be a Gemini: curious, clever, scatterbrained, talkative.












I enjoyed the sun coming through the bus window. I could feel it. The barmy 8 degrees. Another sunset. Gorgeous.


iPod time. Obsessed with Cheryl Cole’s ‘The Flood’. A great song can paint a picture in your head. Biffy Clyro’s ‘boooom blast and ruin’. <3.>

Then it was a case of “hello 3G I've hardly seen you since I arrived in Ireland last week!”

I decided I was going to go home, get into bed, put a film on and pretend that my holiday wasn’t over. It was weird when I arrived at my front door. I looked up into the Nottingham sky and could actually see the moon and stars so clearly. It was like I’d brought a little bit of Ireland back with me. I got into bed, put ‘Killers’ on with the very cute Ashton kutcher. It was an OK movie. Ashton Kutcher was smokin’ hot but it had a totally shit storyline that went Nowhere! Gah!