Friday, 18 July 2014

No Sound Without Silence

That 35 minute google reveal hangout with The Script was AMAZING! I feel very overwhelmed. It revealed the album cover, single name, and four 30 second samplers from the album.

I can't even begin to describe how excited I am for the new album. I literally cannot wait until 31st August for the single 'Superheroes' and 15 September for the album 'No Sound Without Silence'. It can't come soon enough.

The album cover speaks to me. It’s all about connections. It's quite science / space themed, something I'm obsessed with. The two people kissing, that closeness, that bond, it stands for something much bigger than us. 

 photo 10526094_800923246615160_7377125334418853938_n.jpg

Some great chat from the lads about what music, the fans and the band means to them.
Glen: “For me genuinely, our fans are our superheroes, my superheroes… it’s amazing the feedback we get from the songs and how they are affected by them”

What Danny was saying about how they write songs, when the lads can see something is bothering him and they coax it out of him, and realise they are helping a friend but it’s also a really great idea for a song. When you take a bad situation and try and make something good out of it. Danny: “That’s probably most powerful thing about music, and that’s why we got into music in the first place. It’s a place for anger, a place for pain, a place for sadness; it’s also a place for happiness and feeling elevated”.

The 30 second samplers are AMAZING. 
Danny said he was excited, Mark said he was nervous. Awww bless Mark. 

Superheroes is really great. A signature script song. The very end of the 30 second sampler sounds like it's gonna have another signature stamp from mark on it. EXCITED to hear the full song on Monday.

'No Good In Goodbye'.
Danny's voice on this song is LOVE.
What Danny said about this song: "There is no good in goodbye, no fair in fair well, no nice in nice try”. He’s right you know.

‘The Energy Never Dies’.
"24/7, maybe 365.. When you know your days are numbered and you’re looking in my eyes, well it’s ok, because the energy never dies”.  "i've got my eyes closed, as long as the wind blows..."
Danny spoke of this song from the perspective of someone looking at someone who doesn’t have long left and how that energy is just transferred until one day the meet again in the next life. Mark spoke of it as how that energy from gigs never dies, they try and bottle it after the gig and pour it into the album. Both great perspectives. Not sure if this one is gonna be the new ‘good ol' days’ or the new ‘if you could see me now’. Time will tell. It made me emotional. Kinda big sounding, Coldplay esque.

'Man on a wire'.
“I’m walking a tightrope, my heart is in my throat, and I’m counting on high hopes to get me over you”
 A massive song. A total ANTHEM. It's so beautiful I love it so much. I think this is my favourite of the samplers.
An absolutely amazing google hangout. This band is really really special. I feel emotional. I feel very blessed to have been at my laptop today to see the google hangout streamed live. I love this band so much, because they put their heart and souls into the music. Every single song is a story. And it's portrayed with such emotion. I miss you boys. Glad to have you back. Bring on the pre-ordering.
I’m so excited for the single, album, tour... The journey begins.